The Scrapped Downstairs Floorplan


The Scrapped Downstairs Floorplan | Totally Hammered Home

All for the purposes of posterity do we divulge these plans.  They have since been scrapped as a total redo for a variety of reasons:

The pipes running from all the wet areas upstairs interfere with the grand high-ceiling entry area we had envisioned.

The delectable breezes we get would go wasted on the rooms on that side of the house.

The alfresco area is not in an ideal spot to keep an eye on the Hammerlings while we’re sipping cocktails look out upon the glorious yard.

Mapping out floorplans is kinda fun, so while we have not yet begun the redo, it will consist of a few days or weeks of us adding and changing and making things fit.

Floorplan with Posts | The Scrapped Downstairs Floorplan | Totally Hammered Home

In the photo above, I’ve marked roughly where the posts are that support the house.  It’s certainly not impossible to move those posts and install hardier beams and joists, but if we can avoid that cost and effort with careful room placement, we will.

The rules for downstairs are fairly simple – no seeing the kitchen from the front door!  Actually, that’s pretty much it for rules.  

The other guidelines are:

* The garage will be placed close to the kitchen for ease of transporting groceries.  

* We need ample storage space.  

* Mr Hammer would like a good sized office.  

* We all want a dedicated gym room.  

* We have a mass of books that need to be displayed in a library-ish set-up.  

* I want a decent sized laundry with its own personal courtyard where the clothesline resides and where the doggy can’t access to chew our clothes off the line.

* And a mudroom!!  We have no real need for a mudroom as it was intended, but a discreet are where the kids can put their school bags, hats and shoes would eliminate so much unsightly mess.

Of course, there are so many other projects we need to attack before we think about downstairs (to say nothing of the saving of all our pennies to afford the draftsman, the foundation, the plumbing and electrical work, and the materials for the frame and so forth).

But it’s fun to plan for the future!

We’ll be adding our updated downstairs floorplan when we draw up more!

Have you drawn up your own floorplan, or did you get a professional to do it for you?


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