Bring ‘er Down, Huey! (The Water Tanks are Here!)

Bring 'Er Down, Huey! (The Water Tanks Are Here!) | totallyhammeredhome.comAh, water.  The Elixir of Life.

Water tanks are becoming more and more popular in new construction (and old).  For many years, we have been reliant on rainfall to remain un-thirsty and showered.  I will say with no hesitation that rain water tastes so much better than ‘town water’, which is filled with all sorts of chemicals (not all bad chemicals!) to make it taste like it comes out of a toilet.

When it rains heavily, I feel the need to catch the rain in buckets, to save each drop; because when it droughts and the tanks run dry, we have to order in trucks of water (aka toilet town water) which isn’t cost-effective.  We are no strangers to having to buy big containers of water to drink, and bathing out of a bucket (not as much fun as it sounds).  It is now habit to ‘tap the tank’ every time we walk past it, to see how full they are lest we go thirsty and smelly.

During the build, after the roof and gutters were on, even though we are in a dry year, we had a couple of showers of rain.  I contacted the builder to the point of being annoying, to ask when the water tanks were being installed.  Because we are in a dry year, I desperately wanted to capture every elixir-ish drop.

As soon as we got the email proclaiming the installation of tanks, we went around to check it out.


Perfect!  These water tanks are Colorbond’s Windspray (the same colour as our external walls).  We really love how this particular shade of grey perfectly offsets the stark, grass-less red dirt . . . and let’s not forget the complementary spot of green skip bin.

It has, of course, stopped raining and we’re at the end of the rainy season . . . but the builder supplies a truck load of town water, so at least we won’t look and smell like derelicts when we go out and about, which is a pretty big plus!

So, bring ‘er down, Huey!  We’ve got tanks to fill!

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