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DIY Menu Board (With Bonus Tips!)

Having a Menu Board is seemingly becoming  a kitchen staple.  They’re a time-saver and a money saver.  Because you (theoretically) buy your groceries to match your list, you’re not grabbing junk off the grocery aisle shelves willy-nilly; and because you have a plan, when you get home from work, your dinner is already written out.  There will always be the temptation to buy takeaway, but this takes the brainwork out of dinner prep.

Bonus Tip 1: Takeaway can cost our family anything from $30-$80.  If I was prepared to spend that much on dinner, I can go home, make the dinner that was planned, then put that $80 on the credit card, or some other bill.  Money-saving double whammy! (Not to mention the planned dinner is probably infinitely healthier)

So!  Any old pinterest search can bring up a plethora of menu boards, but here is ours.  It is simple and useful.

First, we purchased a frame gallery with 9 frames.  There are slim pickings in our little town with regard to frame galleries.  We could have shopped further abroad, but I am impatient and wanted to create this now.

After removing the stock pictures from the frames, we popped in our own.  These images were altered to reflect the same hue of green.

Bonus Tip #2: Test your glass to be sure all marker will easily wipe off after it’s been written on for 24 hours.

The ‘glass’ in these frames is not actually glass, but a cheap perspex material.  We discovered too late that; a) the soft tip whiteboard markers scratched the perspex; and, b) we couldn’t wipe all of the marker off, even after a fair scrubbing with methylated spirits.

Bonus Tip #3:  Cover the glass or perspex/plastic pieces with clear adhesive contact paper.

We cleaned them up as best we could, then covered the plastic with clear adhesive contact paper, laying one edge flat, then using a ruler to press and swipe the remainder down for a bubble-free finish.  Bingo!  Easily wipe-off-able ‘glass’.

Bonus Tip #4:  Use 3M sticky pads to secure the whole thing to the wall.

Remember that you’re going to be writing on this thing, so you want it to sit nice and snug against the wall.

We love 3M hooks and sticky pads.  They attach well and come off easily.   After so many years in rentals, where one is not allowed to put holes in walls to hang pictures, 3M hooks have become our best buddies in decorating.

Menu Board

We have 9 frames in our menu board.  One for each day of the week, one for a to-do list, and one for a grocery list.  An organisation hub on a wall.

Bonus Tip #5:  Use it!  We’ve had our board for nigh on a year, now, and can’t say truthfully that we have used it every week faithfully.  What we can honestly admit is that the weeks we have followed the menu board, purchased the foods to correspond with the menu, and prepared those foods, are the weeks we have less food waste and a few extra bucks to pay bills.

What are your thoughts?  Have you got any other tips or ideas for a handy-dandy menu board?

Just hangin’ about, getting painty and DIY-ey. Chilling with the kidlets and my amazing husband, playing with hair as a career. Couldn’t really get much better.

I love to make, do and create, and share what I’ve learned along the way. Also love hearing other people’s experiences, so share away!

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