The House Has Been Painted!

Before External PaintIt’s pretty exciting when you go to visit your build, expecting to see the same base shade of classy 80’s cream you’ve been seeing for months, only to find it has all been painted!

We chose Colorbond’s Windspray for our external walls with white and Colorbond’s Surfmist for trim.  The roof is Colorbond’s Basalt, as detailed in a previous post.

We’re pretty chuffed with how it all comes together.  The handrails on the staircase are to be painted Basalt.

After External Paint

As you can see in the ‘before’, the white trim around the windows make no effect.  They blend in with that horrid dingy cream colour.  But when a beautiful deep grey comes onto the scene, that trim really pops.

When we chose the colour for the suffits (that’s the bit of external ceiling between the edge of the roof and the start of the wall), we specified we wanted it the same colour as the walls.  This request was met with some consternation (much the same as when we requested a medium grey for the interior walls instead of something light).  Why on earth would we not want them painted white or cream, like every other house the builder had built?  Because we want them grey.  But WHY?  We can’t rightly say, just that we do.

At this point, we were beginning to doubt our choice.  When we asked them, ‘well, why does everyone else have it painted white or cream?’, and their answer was a vague, ‘well, that’s just what’s done’, or something to that effect, our minds were made up.  And hey, if it all looked crap, it wouldn’t take much to slap a bit of paint on it ourselves.

Final verdict?  It looks bloody fantastic.  Pictures don’t do it justice.  White would not have looked bad, but the Windspray just makes it all look perfect for us.

We’ve seen the interior paint through a window, but you’ll have to wait until we get in there to take photos to see that!  Teaser: it looks great!

Just hangin’ about, getting painty and DIY-ey. Chilling with the kidlets and my amazing husband, playing with hair as a career. Couldn’t really get much better.

I love to make, do and create, and share what I’ve learned along the way. Also love hearing other people’s experiences, so share away!

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