Renovating the Kitchen: Testing the Black

This is starting as a test.  We wanted to see how this ‘miracle’ Rustoleum spray paint would actually look on the kitchen cabinet doors.

As we have said previously, we are not 100% happy with the colour of the kitchen cabinet doors.  Against the timber benchtops, the Kaboodle Chocanilla colour looked khaki.  An ugly khaki (though I defy anyone to find me a pretty shade of khaki).  The installation of the floors improved the colour somewhat, making them less khaki and more brown.  But we (and by ‘we’, I mean ‘me’) are still not completely happy with the colour.

When we first sighted the khaki doors, I immediately stated I wanted to change them to black (which is what we originally wanted).  We back-and-forthed about the temporary nature of the kitchen versus the work involved in painting the doors.  We even went out and purchased a few tins of Rustoleum’s 2X Ultra Cover Paint-and-Primer-in-one (which sounds like a perfect solution for the impatient DIYers amongst us (ahem, totally me)) while we were on a ‘paint the cupboards’ swing.

Oven Pieces 1

We took some pieces that attach above and below the oven (on a completely dofferent ‘paint the cupboards’ swing).  Figured that would be an ideal place to start, considering the oven is a black and stainless steel finish, so theoretically, these test pieces should blend in well, should we decide not to do the rest of the cabinet doors.

Oven Pieces 2

I started by cleaning the piece with methylated spirits.  Just a good wipe-over.  It dries almost instantaneously, so that appeals to my impatient nature.

Rustoleum 2X Ultra Cover Paint and Primer Canyon Black

I expected the first coat to be light; I expected it not to cover well.  Incorrect.  The first coat provided a really good coverage.  According to the instructions, the second coat could be applied ‘within a few minutes’.  Out again after about five minutes to reapply.  Another flawless cover.

Oven Piece Unpainted
Oven Piece Painted

After this, we decided it was covered enough to spray a coat of Rustoleum’s 2X Ultra Cover Clear Satin, for added durability.  As per instructions, we could do this within an hour, or after 48 hours.  I don’t really understand why we couldn’t do it after, say, 24 hours, but it didn’t really faze me and my impatience.  About 20 minutes (that’s all it takes to be touch-dry) later, I gave it a coat of clear.
Rustoleum 2X Ultra Cover Clear

Maximum durability is said, on the back of the can, to be achieved at 5-7 days.

As it stands, we are impressed with the coverage and the finish.  It doesn’t look overdone in spots, there is no dripping effect (I did apply a quick swipe at about 20cm from the pieces).  It looks pretty darn good, and is making the work involved in taking all the doors and siding pieces out of the kitchen seem well worth it.

24 Hours Painted Oven Piece

After 24 hours, the paint is firm.  I have attempted to scratch it, but the paint has not chipped. As you can see, the paint has gone on flawlessly. The texture of the laminate is unaffected.

We will update this post once we have installed those pieces above and below the oven to give an indication of what the whole kitchen will look like once we’ve painted all the cabinet doors.

Update:  After 7 days: The durability is solid.  I have dug into the paint, and have tried scratching it, with a fingernail.  It stands up to the test.  I have scrubbed it, with some effort, with a scourer.  It did not rub off or mark.  There was a very sight tinge of black on the scourer, but no visible damage to the paint job.

Update to Come:   What does it look like in our kitchen?  We don’t know, yet!  Stay tuned to find out.

Have you used this Rustoleum paint for any of your DIY jobs? How did you like it? And how long has it lasted?

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