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5 Steps to Creating Themed Bedroom Wall Art

As a lead-up to our Master Bedroom Reveal, we thought we’d share how we created our wall art, and how you can do it just as easily in 5 fool-proof steps.

Art, paintings, pictures, murals – whatever it is you choose to decorate with, having a little something on the walls really makes a difference to the whole look of a room. Tying in colours, patterns and designs will make or break it.

Anyway, enough lecturing! Get your art smock on, and keep reading!

1. Choose Your Colours

The first thing you’ll need to decide is what your colour scheme is. For us, we chose purple (Mr Hammer’s favourite colour), teal or turquoise (my favourite colour) and black (hey, black goes with everything. To add interest, we also added a very small amount of dark blue. Blue is a primary colour in both purple and teal. It helped to blend all the colours together.

Choose Your Colour | 5 Steps to Creating Themed Bedroom Wall Art | Totally Hammered Home

2. Choose Your Effect

There are a gazillion effects you can administer with little to no artistic skill. The easiest is the splatter effect. You could choose a wash, a texture, even a brickwork pattern, if it suits your theme. The options are limitless.

We chose the splatter effect. At the time of making this wall art, I was going through a bit of a phase. Ahem, I was honing my splatter skills.

Choose Your Effect | 5 Steps to Creating Themed Bedroom Wall Art | Totally Hammered Home

3. Choose Your Design

Take a snippet of something, a pattern, a picture, whatever, within your desired upholstery.

For us, I had purchased a quilt set in a lovely filigree pattern, silver on black. When it was all assembled in our bedroom, the effect was overwhelming. There is such a thing as too much filigree. Now we use the filigree quilt in winter for extra warmth, but otherwise store it in our wardrobe.

Filigree Bed Set Design | 5 Steps to Creating Themed Bedroom Wall Art | Totally Hammered Home

However, the set came with two regular pillowcases, two European pillowcases (the big square ones), as well as a small cushion. This is all the pattern that is needed to add a bit of interest to a bed set.

4. Trace Your Design

You could use tracing paper, but we’re cheap, so we used greaseproof paper (or baking paper) and a pencil. It works just as well if all you’re doing is transferring a simple picture.

Baking Paper Tracing | 5 Steps to Creating Themed Bedroom Wall Art | Totally Hammered Home

I took one section of the filigree design and traced it. I then cut the tracings out (though this may not be necessary at all). After I had painted and ‘effected’ the canvasses, I laid these cut tracings out in the order I liked and traced around them onto the canvas with a fine tipped Sharpie.

Tracing Your Design | 5 Steps to Creating Themed Bedroom Wall Art | Totally Hammered Home

5. Apply

So now you’ve chosen all the above, you’ve just gotta put it all together!

I painted three long canvasses the same colour – viridian (teal/turquoise/aqua/whatever).

Using a variety of splatter mediums, including toothbrushes and different sized paintbrushes, I watered down the paint (obviously, this only works with acrylic paint, otherwise you will need to use mineral turpentine to thin out oil paint). Generally, as it comes from the tube, paint will be too thick to splatter.

Painting Mediums | 5 Steps to Creating Themed Bedroom Wall Art | Totally Hammered Home

I dipped my splatter appliances and flicked and splattered to my heart’s content. All the canvasses were laid hard up against each other, so the splatter effect looks more natural when the canvasses are hung.

You will probably want to lay a good-sized drop-sheet if you’re splattering. It’s a messy technique. Make sure you start and/or end some of the splatter beyond the edges of the canvas.

Once the effect has dried, trace your design onto the canvas, then fill it in to match your manchester.

Paint the Design | 5 Steps to Creating Themed Bedroom Wall Art | Totally Hammered Home

As I mentioned before, the filigree design on the quilt set is silver on black, so I began filling with silver paint. It didn’t take long to realise that silver was not going to work. Much too washed out for the background colours.

So I painted over it with black. Perfect.

With our design, it was easy to extend the canvas design by reusing the cut tracings to fit together in my own pattern. I started two designs from the bottom and worked up, and one from the top and worked down.

VoilĂ ! Three pretty pieces of wall art that match our bedroom theme perfectly. A bit of bold colour, a bit of mitchy-matchy, and Bob’s yer Uncle.

Finished Bedroom Wall Art | 5 Steps to Creating Themed Bedroom Wall Art | Totally Hammered Home

True Story: These canvasses were made for the master bedroom at our previous house, where they would fit above the bed. When it came time to place windows in the floorplan of our house build, I dug my heels in against having a high window above the bed, because our canvasses would then not fit. Instead of the high window, I wanted two long windows on either side of the bed, as we had in our previous home. That is the sole reason why those windows were installed. Yes, we planned a wall of a house around three paintings. Hey, when something works, you don’t mess with it!

You’ll have to wait for our Master Bedroom Reveal to see our wall art ‘in action’!

Do you love making your own wall art, or do you prefer to buy artist-created art?

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