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FAIL – The Shower is Leaking (Part Two)

Not long ago, we wrote about the leaking in our shower with uncommon circumstances:

* The shower only leaks sometimes, not every time.
* It started leaking around five weeks after we moved in.
* It only leaks when we have a shower (not continuously).
* The leak comes from under the bathroom skirting.

top-FAIL - The Shower is Leaking Part Two | Totally Hammered Home

So what’s happening with this leaking?

The plumber visited, as well as the builder.

The plumber ran the shower for a short time, with no leak.

He then took the shower head off the wall, attached some kind of doobylackie so he could turn the taps on, providing pressure to the shower valves, but without actually using water (remember, we’re on tank water, so waste is a bad thing).

Water Stopping Doobielackie | FAIL - The Shower is Leaking ( Part Two ) | Totally Hammered Home

This was at around 8.30am. He left and came back at around lunchtime. Guess what?

No leak.

At this stage, the plumber surmised it was not the tap ware or plumbing that was the issue, but the shower tray (a metal tray that goes under the shower cubicle tiles to funnel the water into the drain), which is a builder thing.

So the builder came out and investigated.

No Shower Head | FAIL - The Shower is Leaking ( Part Two ) | Totally Hammered Home

The plumber came back out as well, reattached the shower head and turned the water on, spraying it within the cubicle, to see if it was a leak around the shower door frame.

A tiny spot of moisture showed up at the skirting, where it usually leaks.

At that point, I showed the builder and plumber the photos we showed you in the last chapter of the Leaky Shower Incident.

Internal Water Leakage 2 | FAIL - The Shower is Leaking ( Part One ) | Totally Hammered Home

The builder was rather taken aback.

‘That’s not a minor leak – that’s a major leak!’ He said.


So I pointed out where the leak dripped through under the house.

Water Leakage Under House | FAIL - The Shower is Leaking ( Part One ) | Totally Hammered Home

The pipe leak was simply a loose ‘O’ ring, which will need to be replaced as it had been overtightened. So that was not part of the leak issue.

The plumber climbed up and felt the boards under the house for moisture. Nothing. This was after the water had been running in the shower for a good five to ten minutes.

At the end of the meeting, the builder and plumber discussed possible theories as to where the leak was coming from and why it only leaked sometimes.

Possible causes included a puncture in the shower tray, or maybe a nail had gone through a pipe somewhere.

The plumber said he would call us in the evening, once we had had a chance to have showers, to see if we had any leaking.

The baby Hammerlings had a shower, and a small line of water appeared (not like it usually leaked). The oldest Hammerling showered. No leaking. And, of course, there was no leak after Mr Hammer’s and my showers, either.

This house is playing games with us.

What happens now?

The next step, we are told,

is for the plumber to return and perform a pressure test on the pipes. He also suggested he’d drill a minor hole up through the underside of the house and feed a mirror or camera up into the wall cavity to see what he could see.

This is, it would appear, the step before actually making a hole in the toilet wall (on the other side of the shower piping) to see if the problem is the pipes.

If the problem exists in the shower tray, that is major work. That’s ripping up tiles and replacing or fixing the tray. That’s us without a shower for some time.

So, now we wait for this pressure test and find out what the heck is goin’ on!

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Once again, rest assured we will update you when we know what’s a-happening.

Wanna take a poll? Do you think it’s the pipe, or the tray? Or maybe something else completely?

top-FAIL - The Shower is Leaking Part Two | Totally Hammered Home

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