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Growing Grass – Rain Water vs. Town Water

When it comes to growing grass, one would think any water will help the seed germinate.  Right?  Throw the seed out, water it in, wait for green.

That’s what we thought, anyway.  Seems it would be not so.

Growing Grass on a Budget Rain Water v Town Water | Totally Hammered Home

In around February, while the house was still being built, we came out to the property to do a bit of ‘yard work’, which involved pulling up new growth of gum trees to keep it controlled, and throwing out some grass seed to keep the exposed soil safe from erosion.

There was no water on the property then, so we just bought a $7 box of seed, scattered it, and kept our fingers crossed some magical grass fairy would make it grow.

Either there is no fairy, or she was too busy to visit us, as nothing happened.  We had a few light showers of rain before our water tanks went in, but by that time, we’d assumed the seed had been eaten by birds and we’d just have to throw some more out at a later date.

The days we actually moved house, it rained pretty steadily, then we had a huge downpour.

A couple of days later, the oldest Hammerling pointed out a tiny smattering of green on the hill where we’d thrown the seed.

Grass | Growing Grass Rain Water vs Town Water | Totally Hammered Home

So we figured the seed had just laid dormant until it got the water.

Now we knew that cheap seed mix worked just fine, we got another box for another corner of the hill, threw it out and, for about two weeks, consistently watered it in with the town water that had been supplied in the build price for our water tanks.

Nothing.  Not a tiny green head poked out of any seed.

Again, we left it.  The town water supplied ran out (we didn’t get a lot), and we bought some water from a water carrier.

We left the grass seed alone.  It wasn’t doing anything, and we felt like we were wasting our purchased water.

Just a few days ago, we got another torrential downpour, which saw Mr Hammer and the Hammerlings playing in the mud digging a trench to drain the water from under the house.

Whaddaya know, just days later, we have grass shooting up on the second corner of hill.

Grass | Growing Grass Rain Water vs Town Water | Totally Hammered Home

This is very exciting for us!  We’re too cheap to buy turf, so we really want this grass seed to succeed to prevent erosion, and make the ground look pretty.

Our conclusion

With this little unintentional experiment, we have come to a conclusion regarding the age-old debate of growing grass – ‘rain water vs. town water’, which is better?

Rain water.  The stuff from the sky, unaltered, un-chemicalised (it’s totally a word) water, the stuff nature intended to grow grass – actually grows grass!

Grass | Growing Grass Rain Water vs Town Water | Totally Hammered Home

Another downpour is forecast for this weekend, so we’re off to get some more seed.


This is how the grass is now looking. This has been mowed several times already. It is coming up lovely, lush and green. It may not be a designer lawn, but it is green, soft and looks quite nice.

Growing Grass on a Budget - Town Water vs Rain Water | Totally Hammered Home

Want to know more about our budget lawn sowing?


Are you trying to grow grass seed with town water? Let us know if rain water works better, or if you’re growing grass quite successfully on town water!

Growing Grass on a Budget Rain Water v Town Water | Totally Hammered Home

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