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FAIL – The Shower is Leaking – Part Three

It has been a little while since we updated what was happening with our leaking shower.  You can fill yourself in on the backstory here – Part One and Part Two.

top-FAIL - The Shower is Leaking Part Three | Totally Hammered Home

Not a lot had happened for a while.  Plumbers came out, the builder came out, a representative from the shower screen supplier came out, but there wasn’t a lot to share.

We all decided that the best course of action was to take the shower screen out and see what was happening under the frame. 

There is clearly a leak.  That leak only happens when we have a shower (not constantly).  So water from having a shower was leaking from somewhere .

This is where we are, with no shower screen.

No Shower Screen | Fail The Shower is Leaking Part Three | Totally Hammered Home

It will not be reinstalled until the area has had a chance to dry out under the tiles.  This is a minor inconvenience.  We do have a bathtub. 

Sidenote: I personally only ever have a bath in the bathtub when I’m being a bit decadent.  Run a bath, chuck some epsom salts in and hide out soak for an hour while reading a book, or writing for this site.  Every day, like most people, I have a shower.  These few days of being required to have a bath in a bathtub has made me realise how much cleaner I feel after a shower.

Anyway, whinge-sesh over.  Back to the leak.

When the shower frame was taken off, we realised the nature of our floor tiles (which we LOVE!) meant the stones under the frame were causing some seal issues.  The frame sat atop the stones, so the area between the stones needed to be heavily filled with sealant.

Plus, between the bathroom floor tiles and the steel strip before the stones start, the sealant wasn’t properly applied.

Sealant | Fail The Shower is Leaaking Part Three | Totally Hammered Home

Those two issues together caused the leak.


The frame was taken away and stored in the oldest Hammerling’s bedroom while he’s off visiting friends for the weekend.  The stones that go under the frame were ground back flat.

Ground Back Tiles | Fail The Shower is LEaking Part Three | Totally Hammered Home

Oh my lawd. The dust! The dust covered everything. Everything. All the grout now appears white (it’s actually a dark grey). It coated the vanity, the basin, the walls, the tiles, even the ceiling. Toothbrushes had to be washed before they could be used. Small Hammerling fingers needed to draw squiggles on the mirror.

Dusty Mirror | Fail The Shower is Leaking Part Three| Totally Hammered Home

Dusty Shower | Fail The Shower is Leaking Part Three | Totally Hammered Home

Yeah, it was a bit of a mess.

The area is being left to dry.

In a couple of days, the cracks will be re-sealed, and the frame reinstalled.

Here is where I will make a statement:

These sorts of issues can happen after any new build.  Things go wrong; it’s part of life.  The most important thing, when challenges are presented after a new build, is that the builder fixes them.  Yes, it’s a pain, and it costs his business money.

Mr Hammer has been a carpenter for a very long time, more than fifteen years.  He has worked with ‘good’ and ‘bad’ builders on residential and commercial sites.  He has worked with builders who bend over backwards to ensure their clients are satisfied, and he has worked with builders who only care about their bottom line – if there are problems after the money has cleared, they put these problems on the bottom of their priority list.

Our builder has tended to this issue quickly and efficiently.  He has verbally disapproved of our choice of shower floor tiles (because they caused a problem), but despite this, he has made every effort to get the problem sorted quickly, and has kept in contact with us throughout to let us know what was going on, as well as making himself available to talk to us about anything.

So even though it is a real pain to have to deal with a leaking shower so early in our residence, we are fortunate to have enlisted a builder who works for his clients, not just for his money.

So now we wait for the area to dry out, and to have our shower screen put back in so we can go back to showering, and feeling clean.

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What do you prefer; showers or baths?  Have you ever dealt with a builder like ours, or one of the other sort?

top-FAIL - The Shower is Leaking Part Three | Totally Hammered Home

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