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Top Ten Smart Broom Closet Organisation Ideas

One of our next projects is to get our broom closet organised. 

Top Ten Smart Broom Closet Organisation Ideas | Totally Hammered Home

At the moment, it is just a mess.  It’s easier to walk on grainy floors than it is to endeavour to pull the broom out of the bomb site that is a broom closet, to clean it up.  And most of the time, the broom ends up being leaned against the wall next to the broom closet, instead of inside it, because it’s easier and we have created monsters of laziness.  It’s so not me.  I absolutely put away everything that I use, as soon as I’m done with it.  You all do too, right? 

Our broom closet is not really a ‘closet’.  It is an extension of our linen cupboard, and resides behind sliding doors.  Having a hinged door provides a lot more space to store or hang cleaning/broom closet items than a sliding door does. 

Eventually, once downstairs is built in, we will have a comprehensive broom closet downstairs, and just a small ‘essential items only’ space upstairs (where it is now).  

But we still need something for now, because what we have is nothing more than an untidy joke.

As we all know, the purpose of organising is not only to keep things looking neat, but also to make it easier to keep things neat.

So as with our wardrobe organisation, we turned to Pinterest and Google Images to have a look at what others have done, and what we can use to make our little space organised and neat.

Not everyone has a broom closet behind a sliding door, which is why we have included pictures of closets with a hinged door.  We will consult these images again when we build in downstairs, because we will likely have a hinged door there.

Here we go, our top ten favourite broom closet organisation ideas, in no particular order:

Smart BroomCloset Organisation Idea #1


Sew Many Ways organised their broom closet very cleverly.  We love the racks for cleaning products on the door (which could also be attached to a wall), nice and easy to reach.  That’s a lot of paper towel!  We probably wouldn’t use that much in two years, but if you do use a lot, the shoe storage hanger is a marvellous idea.

Smart Broom Closet Organisation Idea #2


Real Simple have hit the nail on the head with their organisation. This one is a complete utility hub, with emergency supplies and all. We love the spot for basic tools. That is one thing, even after all these years, I do not have. With a carpenter for a husband, his tools are usually readily available to use, but I would really like just a basic tool kit (like this one here!) so I can carry out minor maintenance without having to wait for Mr Hammer to come home from work with his tool trailer.

Smart Broom Closet Organisation Idea #3


Cayman Cindyhave created a beautiful broom closet here. Seriously, how neat is this?! Their broom closet cavity goes in further behind the wall, where they’ve set up shelves to store smaller items. We like the light inside the cupboard, too, for a functional finishing touch.

Smart Broom Closet Organisation Idea #4


Craft That Party have utilised wire racks and storage spaces to get their closet looking very handy. Everything is within easy reach, and everything has a place.

Smart Broom Closet Organisation Idea #5


This Little Estate have taken the pinterest world by storm with this incredibly innovative use of an otherwise useless kitchen side wall. It’s certainly a clever use for dead space, and keeps everything very neat. It doesn’t have a whole lotta space for larger items like steam mops and the like, but it is a very useful ‘essential items’ broom closet.

Smart Broom Closet Organisation Idea #6


The Craftery MN have taken a simple closet to another level. They’ve made theirs in between the studs of a wall, making it a small, functional use of dead space. Utilising such an idea would require the removal of nogs (the horizontal pieces that keep the studs of the house straight), so read up on how to do this, if it appeals to your needs. A nog stops the studs from warping, but if you install a closet properly, the nog can safely be removed. It is just a small space, not really large enough to store all your cleaning supplies, but useful if you just need a little spot to hide a broom and mop.

Smart Broom Closet Organisation Idea #7


We haven’t been able to trace the original source for this image (if it’s yours, please tell us so we can link to you), but we really love this little organisational hub. Shoe storage hangers can be utilised for so much more than shoes.

Having said that, in our old house, I made one of these for cleaning supplies to hang on the inner side of the under-sink cabinet in the kitchen. There were 12 spots, and probably only 6 of them held bottles of cleaning fluid.

The weight of these six bottles, full, made the hinges sag (so you kinda had to lift the door to close it properly), and then the door literally fell off the hinge. We fixed it up, of course, but it is definitely something to keep in mind. Some doors and hinges will not support the weight of much more than the door itself, so be wise.

This particular image shows the shoe storage hanger being used for relatively light-weight objects.

And of course, we love the grey and white contrast used here, too. It would go beautifully with our interior colours.

Smart Broom Closet Organisation Idea #8


Design Dreams By Anne have completely renovated a previously ugly space, turning it into a broom closet you wouldn’t be ashamed of opening in front of guests. We love the feature wall at the back, and the dedicated space for a step ladder.

We have a step ladder and have noticed a lot of broom closets don’t really allow a space to store one, so thumbs up to Anne!

Smart Broom Closet Organisation Idea #9


I Heart Organizing have made a beautifully functional space for their housely utility items. The cool lighting (as in, cool, the opposite of warm) lights the space up to make finding all their cleaning products easy.

Everything is all kind of colour coordinated here, too, which adds to the prettiness of the image. Our utility items aren’t so themed, but there are still some smart ideas here.

Smart Broom Closet Organisation Idea #10


Organizing Pros show an exceptionally organised and very prettily colour-themed broom closet idea. This one appears to have no doors, so having a colour theme is probably going to be a must to keep the space from looking cluttered and normal. Heaps of space here to store important cleaning items.

By the way, are we missing something here? So many broom closet organisation systems have a ten-year supply of paper towel. We use rags (old, threadbare towels cut up into squares) for spills and general cleaning.

So we’ll take our favourite aspects from these, our favourite, images, and pull together something our own.

What does your broom closet look like? Is it organised and neat, or does it look like ours does now?

Top Ten Smart Broom Closet Organisation Ideas | Totally Hammered Home

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