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How To Hang Wall Art

One more step closer to the Master Bed Reveal, here we describe how we hung our wall art (click here to discover how to create your own themed wall art, even if you have no artistic skill!).

How To Hang Your Wall Art Evenly | Totally Hammered Home

As I said in that post link above, we actually designed the master bedroom window placement around these three canvasses.  Yes, that is correct.  We put in these long side windows so there was enough wall space above the bed to display the wall art I created. 

The only desicion we had to make was whether we would centre the canvasses above the bed (so they all sit nicely within the length of the bed head), or along the wall (so the canvasses stick out beyond the length of the bedhead).

In our old house, we had some lovely wrought iron candle sconces (which once belonged to Mr Hammer’s mum) that attached to wall.  Because of their placement on each side of the bed, we had centered the canvasses above the bed.

That was in a time when we didn’t have bedside lamps (click here and here to discover how we saved some serious cash on our bedside lamps, and diy-ed them to suit our theme).

Now that we do have lamps, and rather large lamps, at that, the wall sconces are way too much.  Placing them in a similar position would look cluttered and un-lovely.

So that lands us with the choice we didn’t have before – centre above bed or along wall?

We decided to centre the canvasses along the wall, because there were no sconces to muddy the view, and the lamps hang half over the wall, and half over the window. This will give the wall some fluidity with the change of design.

What we need

* A Tape Measure
* A Pencil
* The Canvasses
* 3M Hooks (yes, even though this is our own house and we can put holes in the wall wherever we bloody well please, we still love 3M hooks for hanging pictures)

How we did it

So we measure the hanging space. For us, it is window to window, so that measures 2265mm.

How to Hang Wall Art | Totally Hammered Home

Next we take the canvasses and measure their width. We have three canvasses at 400mm each.

How To Hang Wall Art | Totally Hammered Home

Subtract the total width of canvasses from the wall space. 2265 – 1200 = 1065.

This is the total amount of blank wall space that will remain after the canvasses are hung.

There are three canvasses, which means we need four equal spaces between the windows. 1065 ÷ 4 = 266.25

How To Hang Wall Art | Totally Hammered Home

This measurement will allow you some wiggle room if you want a bit more space on either side of the total wall art. The spaces between the canvasses can be no bigger than this measurement (unless you want the outer canvasses close to the windows, which could make the space look uneven).

So now we have these numbers in mind, we need to centre our middle canvas. To do this, we need a centre mark. 2265 ÷ 2 = 1132.5

How To Hang Wall Art | Totally Hammered Home

This is where the first hook will hang. 1132.5mm in from either window.

But before we go slapping 3M hooks up, what we need to do is find out the canvasses’ drop. This means we need to discover how high above the bed we put the hook, taking into account how the hanging string sags.

So we measure the height of wall from the top of the bedhead to the ceiling cornice. That is, for us, 1250mm.

How To Hang Wall Art | Totally Hammered Home

Now grab your canvas and measure the height of it. Ours are 1200mm, which gives us a 25mm space above the bed and below the ceiling cornice.

The next step is to measure the ‘hang’. From the top of the canvas, our hang is 51mm.

How To Hang Wall Art | Totally Hammered Home

So, we have 1200mm canvasses, with a 1250 vertical space. That gives us 25mm above and below.

We have a 51mm hang, so we’ll add our top space of 25mm to that, giving us an 76mm mark from the bottom of the cornice.

How To Hang Wall Art | Totally Hammered Home

If you have attached hanging twine yourself, measure each canvas’s hang individually. Actually, even if they’re store-bought, still measure them individually. It is very possible that minor discrepancies occur in mass-produced art or frames or whatever. Ours actually measured 51, 54 and 55, but we’ll just use one measurement here to keep things simple.

Now, with that measurement in mind (76mm), we want to mark a spot on the wall in the horizontal centre, which was our 1132.5mm measurement.

Mark the wall with the pencil more than 25mm below the cornice. The canvas will hide the tiny pencil mark you make, or you can erase it.

Holding the tape against this mark, measure 76mm vertically.

Now double check this mark. You want to be sure you’re still in the centre, so measure in again from the window.

How To Hang Wall Art | Totally Hammered Home

Kerblammo. First hook adhered.

Now you want to measure, either left or right of your hook, half the width of a canvas, plus your empty wall space measurement, plus half a width of canvas. 200mm + 266.25mm + 200mm = 666.25mm

Obviously, in the picture below, our centre mark isn’t actually in the centre. We can thank my amazing picture editing skills for that.

How To Hang Wall Art | Totally Hammered Home

Place a mark on the wall 666.25mm to the left (or right) of the centre hook. Once again, measure from the cornice to make sure this mark is square.

Pop another 3M hook on the wall.

Now do the exact same thing to the right (or left) of the centre hook.

Always measure from the centre hook. Don’t come in from the window. If your numbers are off slightly, it’s better to be off from the centre, because it will still be centered if you’re using the same numbers on either side.

Pop another hook up.

Now the final, and most rewarding step: hang the pictures.

How To Hang Wall Art | Totally Hammered Home

As you can see in the picture above, we finished this project off at night. That very same night, as Mr Hammer and I were both floating off to the Land of Nod, we were both rudely awoken by a loud crash-bang. Then another.

The canvas on the left, and the one in the centre fell off the wall! In fact, somehow, one of the plastic 3M hooks broke and speared itself into the side edge of one of the canvasses!

How To Hang Wall Art | Totally Hammered Home

Thinking maybe, possibly, the sticky pads we used were old (we have had them for quite some time), and had aged to un-stickyness, I popped out to Bunnings the next day and grabbed some more 3M hooks and pads. We have never had any issues with 3M hooks and pads in the past. We’re talking almost two decades of renting and not being allowed to put hooks in the walls – no problems.

We already had our marks, so I stuck the pads back onto the walls and rehung the canvasses.

A few hours later, none of them were still hanging.

This was very disappointing for us. We love our 3M hooks. They’re easy to use and easy to remove. Every so often, we like to have a shift-around of furniture to freshen up a living space, and this sometimes means where we have positioned our wall art will no longer work.

Now, it is possible the first ones we used were old. It is possible the ones I then purchased were simply duds – a run of stickyness that wasn’t properly sticky in the factory.

But we didn’t want to destroy the canvasses by having them constantly falling off the wall.

So Mr Hammer made some hooks and, using hollow wall anchors, screwed these into the wall so we could hang the canvasses securely.

How To Hang Wall Art | Totally Hammered Home

How To Hang Wall Art | Totally Hammered Home

Why did he make the hooks, instead of just buying actual picture-hanging hooks? Because picture-hanging hooks are a buck-a-piece, and we already had some of this steel at home that we could drill a hole in and bend.

Yes, you knew we were cheap. Now you know just how cheap we are.

As it turned out, our measurements were so spectacular, the outer two hooks went into studs. The Wall Mate Hollow Wall Anchors were not needed for these hooks; only the middle one needed a wall anchor.

And once again, we hung them.

How To Hang Wall Art | Totally Hammered Home

Success! These babies aren’t going anywhere.

Were these instructions easy to follow?

How To Hang Ypur Wall Art Evenly | Totally Hammered Home

Just hangin’ about, getting painty and DIY-ey. Chilling with the kidlets and my amazing husband, playing with hair as a career. Couldn’t really get much better.

I love to make, do and create, and share what I’ve learned along the way. Also love hearing other people’s experiences, so share away!

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