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Hanging Pictures in the Babies’ Bedroom

We’ve been catching up on some quick and simple DIY projects this week, while the bigger ones are still in process.  Even small projects are important!  They’re the little pieces that bring a whole house together, like hanging pictures and making the walls all pretty.

Hanging Pictures in the Babies' Bedroom | Totally Hammered Home

So, today we’re sharing the babies’ bedroom wall art.

We love theming bedrooms.  We’ve done an awesome galaxy/space theme for the Oldest Hammerling. He decided to change his bedroom theme when we moved, which is understandable – he’s kinda grown out of it.

For Master Hammer, when he was born, I bought a safari cot set and we constructed and painted a set of drawers and some canvasses to match the set. 

When Little Miss Hammer came along, we kept the colour theme of green and brown, got her a monkey cot set and did the same thing for her, so all the furniture and canvasses matched and blended. 

I have pictures of the Oldest Hammerling’s set, but somehow we’ve lost all the images of the nursery. 

When the youngest two grew out of their cots, we sold their whole bedroom sets on a local facebook sell/buy page for a song, though we did keep their rug.  The rug was a bargain buy – we’ve never since come across one of that size and quality for the price we paid for it.  It does need to be replaced.  It has a few marks on it, and it doesn’t quite fit in their new bedroom, with the way their beds are set up, but it’ll do for now.

So we got the babies a bunk bed set, second hand.  It was ugly varnished pine, the varnish was chipped and scratched, and the kids who used it had stuck stickers all over it (the type of stickers that just won’t come off). 

But!  The whole set cost us about $50.  

Mr Hammer and I spent a very long time stripping the timber, staining it with our own special blend of walnut and teak, and varnishing it. 

At the old house, they used it as a bunk set, which gave them heaps of play space.  Now their bedroom has a ceiling fan, so the bunks were dismantled and they’re being used individually.  This does cut down on their playing space, unfortunately (ha! Like that matters – their toys never stay in their room anyway).

So this is the start of their bedroom ‘reveal’.  Hanging these canvasses.

These pictures were originally painted for our loungeroom in the old house.

Loungeroom Bedroom Canvasses | Hanging Pictures in Babies Bedroom | Totally Hammered Home

We love the natural colours, the green and brown theme for the babies.  It is gender neutral, and calming.  We had tossed up between going again with the greens and browns, or doing a base colour of black, with pops of bright colour.


I am not 100% happy with the speckled one with the vine up the side, nor the light green one with the filigree pattern.  My favourite is the brown one with the little tree.

We followed the same basic steps to hang these pictures as we did to hang the ones in the master bedroom.

Instead of using a whole space, however, we wanted to bunch them and display them in a more interesting uppy-downy kind of way.

To do this, we calculated the width of each canvas, then added the space we wanted between each canvas (2.5cm/1 inch).  

Mr Hammer Measuring | Hanging Pictures in Babies Bedroom | Totally Hammered Home

We marked the centre spot and measured outwards from there, using the same method as we did for the Master Bedroom.
Drilling Holes | Hanging Pictures in Babies Bedroom | Totally Hammered Home

Mr Hammer made hooks again (yes, we’re still cheap.  I must get him to take photos of how he makes them so I can share it with all of you).

And we put them up!

Canvasses Hung | Hanging Pictures in Babies Bedroom | Totally Hammered Home

We are yet to put up their curtains (which we kept from their nursery, lovely thick deep green upholstery fabric which gives a black-out coverage).

I also want to hang some sheer curtains behind the blackout ones so they have some prettiness between the curtains and the stark window when the curtains are open.

Wanna see how we coordinated the storage in their bedroom?

Do you like it or loathe it? Do you like natural colours for a child’s bedroom?

Hanging Pictures in the Babies' Bedroom | Totally Hammered Home

Just hangin’ about, getting painty and DIY-ey. Chilling with the kidlets and my amazing husband, playing with hair as a career. Couldn’t really get much better.

I love to make, do and create, and share what I’ve learned along the way. Also love hearing other people’s experiences, so share away!

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