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FAIL – The Shower is Leaking – Part Four (Final)

This, the final episode of the Leaking Shower saga, has been some time coming.

top-FAIL - The Shower is Leaking Part Four | Totally Hammered Home

It has been fixed now for quite some time.  I’d like to say we haven’t updated because we wanted to be sure it was actually fixed before we declared publicly that it was.

Truthfully, it’s because I’ve been lazy about writing up a post about it, to put this story in the past.

So, now that we’ve *ahem* given it some time to make sure the problem has been solved, we can report that everything is all dry where it should be dry.

Shower water is safely contained within the shower cubicle when we shower.

The bathtub is now back to being used for babies’ bathing and the occasional luxury soak (it’s so much more luxurious when you don’t need to use it – am I right?).

The stones that have been ground back to provide a flat surface for the shower screen frame to sit are hidden neatly under the frame – you can’t tell at all.

The issue was dealt with quickly and professionally.  As I said in our last post, we are beyond impressed with our builder’s prompt attention to the issue.  Without question, he attended and made sure all parties possibly involved with the leak came out to the house to see where the problem originated.

So, it was the tiles.  And that’s okay.  Y’know, these things happen, and the tiler had probably not installed stone tiles as a shower floor base before (remember, we do live in a small town).  So we learned something and he learned something and overall, everything was learned, noted and filed away for future reference.

So if any of our valued readers decide they love a river stone shower floor, great!!!  We love ours.  We still do.  It’s not a ‘novelty’ that wore off.  We are even thinking we’ll do the same in our master ensuite, waaaay down the track when we build in under the house. 

Just make sure, if you decide to go this route, to ask if the tiler has done this before.  And if he hasn’t, let him know that the stones beneath the shower frame need to be ground flat to provide an adequate seal.  

Hopefully our ‘fail’ will help others in the future!

We’re now very relieved to put this saga behind us! Woohoo!

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top-FAIL - The Shower is Leaking Part Four | Totally Hammered Home

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