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This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things – Pantry

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It’s been a little while since I updated the TIWWCHNT section of the site.  Of course, there have been plenty of little mishaps between our last submission and now, but none of real note, just the usual scrapes down the walls, bathroom windowsill destruction and unexplained chip in the tiles in the toilet. Today we’ll add the pantry.  

This one, I mention to you, our lovely readers, because it will lead to a project I have been wanting to sink my teeth into for a long while, but it keeps being pushed back because it’s really not high on the priority list for the expected amount of time to be spent on it.

So, first of all, the TIWWCHNT post.

The pantry.

Now, I arrived home from work on Saturday, all ready to relax for the weekend, and partake in other projects (the fire pit – more is coming on that soon!).  I walked in the front door and saw one of the pantry doors leaning up against the wall in the loungeroom.

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things | Pantry Door | Totally Hammered Home

Obviously, pantry doors aren’t commonly found in loungerooms.  I had a look at the hinges and saw there was definitely something funky going on there.

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things | Pantry Door Hinge Broken | Totally Hammered Home

This is what it’s meant to look like:

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things | Pantry Door Hinge Unbroken | Totally Hammered Home

When questioned, the rest of the Hammer family kinda just giggled.


Mr Hammer finally did provide the explanation that ‘he and the Oldest Hammerling were playing Silly Buggers in the kitchen, and whoops’.

So, having not been here when the incident occurred, I can’t tell you much more than that.  The hinges on the door broke.  

When two men (the Oldest Hammerling might only be 14 years old, but he is the size of a man), both 6’1″, both around the 80-90kg mark, both with burly muscle, play ‘Silly Buggers’, something is bound to get broken.  

This is why when I am home, the exclamation, ‘out of the kitchen!!’ is oft-repeated.

For those who don’t understand what ‘Silly Buggers’ is, it is when people who should know better play-fight.

So now I have a big gap in my pantry door system, like a kitchen lost a tooth.  And it is displaying all the ill-organised pantry-wares that should be neatly hidden.

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things | Pantry | Totally Hammered Home

Mr Hammer has picked up some replacement Soft Close Door Hinges, so really all that needs doing is replacing the hinges.  Easy job, right?

Well, three days later, the door is still leaning up against the wall.  So I wanted to take the plunge and start on repainting the kitchen cupboards.

If I do one of the quarter doors on the pantry, we will have to do the rest, otherwise it will look silly.

Aha!  So that was my devious plan.

To note, there is nothing really wrong with the cupboard doors.  The whole kitchen is currently only six months old, after all.

I just don’t like the colour.

Anyway, we have previously tested some shades of black on pieces of the kitchen facing, but I still wasn’t sold on the colour, although I did want a black kitchen.  

Recently, I updated some pot planters, and I am in love with that colour.  It is Rustoleum’s Paint and Primer in One in Flat Soft Iron, so it’s more of a charcoal than straight black.  

Unfortunately, when I did these planters, I nabbed the last few cans of that colour, being assured by the guy at the paint section that they’d be getting more in in a few days.

So I gave them a call to make sure they’d received their shipment before I actually made the trip into town.

No go.  The guy on the phone said he wasn’t sure when they were getting more in.  Sad panda.  

My devious plan has been thwarted by the Rustoleum Rep and the hardware store.  

If I don’t get a call before the weekend with glorious news from Bunnings, I may have to do a ring-around to neighbouring regions and see where else I can get it from.  

If Mr Hammer reinstalls the door, well, this project will probably just slide back down to its former place on the list of importance . . . I am half-tempted to hide the door.

So hopefully we will have a completed kitchen project to share with you soon!

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things - Pantry | Totally Hammered Home

Just hangin’ about, getting painty and DIY-ey. Chilling with the kidlets and my amazing husband, playing with hair as a career. Couldn’t really get much better.

I love to make, do and create, and share what I’ve learned along the way. Also love hearing other people’s experiences, so share away!

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