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Christmas Gift Ideas – Stocking Stuffers For The DIYer

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With Christmas just around the corner, we have compiled a little list of Stocking Stuffers for the DIY enthusiast in your life!

There is nothing saying, if you are the enthusiast, that you can’t send Santa, your friends and your loved ones a link to this page as your Christmas Wish List.

It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for that certain someone who likes to make and do their own stuff. But here are a few gift ideas to fill their stockings this Christmas!

A Multi Tool

A multi tool is kind of like a grown-up’s pocket knife – you know the ones you get when you’re in Boy Scouts? Well these multi tools are specially designed to help out the DIYer for certain little odd jobs here and there. A perfect self-contained tool kit that fits in a tool belt or cargo pocket.

Carpenter’s Pencils

Sure, you really can use any old pencil to measure and mark, but carpenter’s pencils are designed to lay flat against rulers and tapes to give you a more accurate mark. After all, your DIYer has measured their mark twice now. They deserve to have the best mark they can get! Generally, home DIYers won’t bother with carpenter’s pencils. That’s why it’s a great stocking stuffer – get ’em something they wouldn’t get themselves!

Work Gloves

More hardy than regular gardening gloves, these babies are not just for show. They protect your hands with any handled instruments (like shovels, rakes, brooms, crow bars, etc.), are cut-resistant, and can even be used in the kitchen (for cut-resistant super powers). Perfect for the DIYer who doesn’t think callouses are pretty.

Or these cool ones which have tipless fingers on the index and middle fingers for gripping pencils more easily, and working without feeling like you’re wearing gloves.

A Tool Belt

A tool belt is again one of those items that a home DIYer probably wouldn’t bother with for themselves. But the time saved having those tools all at your waist is a true gift. Tool belts can range from $20 to $400, and probably even more. For a home DIYer, you don’t need to spend more than $50 for a suitable belt. The more expensive ones are for tradespeople who need something that will last years with heavy daily use.

You can later purchase seperate pouches to slip onto the belt if your DIYer needs more space for their bits and bobs.

Also interesting to note that the belts with shoulder straps are not as pricey as once they were. If your DIYer usually ends their DIYing day rubbing their knuckles into the small of their backs, get one with shoulder straps.

A Quirky Belt Buckle

Yeah, this one’s a bit of a gag gift, unless your DIYer is really into buckles! And that’s cool – you can be a doer and a styler, too!

A Lego Mini Figure

Who doesn’t love Lego? Chances are, a DIYer played with Lego as a child. So what better way to reignite their childish pleasures while tipping your hat to their clever creativity as well?

Magnetic Wristband

This is a fantastic gift idea for the DIYer – a magnetic wristband to hold screws, nails, and drill bits! So handy (see what I did there?) and saves fingers being stabbed with nail and screw tips every time it reaches in the bucket to grab more. Could easily be looped over the tool belt’s belt to store. Put enough on there and you could get a good bicep workout in, too!

Small Tool Box

Keeping tools safely stored away doesn’t need to be an expensive endeavour. Particularly for a home DIYer, there are perhaps not a huge amount of tools they would need to keep stored. Giving them a way to organise their bits and pieces is a fantastic idea, especially if you know they don’t already.

Large Tool Box

For a serious home DIYer, a larger toolbox may be the order of the day. It’s not really a ‘stocking stuffer’, as you’re probably not going to find a stocking large enough to slip this one into, but it could, nevertheless, be a very useful gift for your DIYer.

A Homeowner’s Toolkit

It’s all very well and good to have all the tools you need for your DIYing, but what about the general tools for around the house? Just a hammer for a loose nail, or a screwdriver to put that screw back in the picture hook? Do you have a specific kit just for your general daily toolie needs? If you don’t, here’s your solution!

A Stud Finder

This little baby will save the walls from being hit with a hammer to find the studs in the walls. Lay it up against the wall, press the button and the machine will let you know if you’ve got a stud or a dud.

Head Lamp

Even in the best-lit workshop, the materials a DIYer is crafting with (and the DIYer themselves) will cast shadows. A headlamp will provide direct light exactly where it’s needed most. This one is a great stocking stuffer, being both inexpensive, small and infinitely useful. This one is even rechargeable by USB, making it even more cost-effective – no more stocking up on batteries!

Bluetooth Speakers

Everyone needs some music in their life. Hook a mobile device or mp3 player up to some speakers, and music will pump! Music has been proven to stimulate creativity, so if you want your DIYer to unleash their creative prowess, provide them with the ability to listen to music (than can be heard over power tools!).

Paver Template

Do you know a DIYer who wants to make a path (or who you want to make a path)? We, the Hammers, have one like this, and it has lasted through many hours of use (and will again!) and many, many years of storage. It is something that a DIYer can keep forever, because there will always be paths to build. Plus, the individual stones in the template can be broken apart and used for other purposes, like facing walls. It is a cheaper and prettier option than straight concrete.

Steel Capped Boots

This one might seem a little excessive for a DIYer, but it only takes one sharp tool dropped to be a few toes short of a pair of feet. A DIYer won’t need a really expensive pair of steel caps. Tradespeople, who wear them daily and subject them to all sorts of footly abuse require the expensive shoes. A home DIYer really just needs something solid to protect their feet. So this one is a very thoughtful gift idea – you care about your DIYer, right down to their little toesies.

Drawing Board

We’ve all heard the expression, ‘well, back to the drawing board!’ before. But what if your DIYer doesn’t have a drawing board?! Solve that problem for them this Christmas. A drawing board is a very useful tool for drawing exactly what is needed to be done. Getting the measurements, angles and depths correct, and having a solid plan to work from. This drawing board comes with all the rulers and angles needed to draw a masterpiece.

Safety Goggles

Another little stocking stuffer that shows you care – something to protect your DIYer’s eyeballs. It only takes one errant splinter to fly up in the wrong direction for serious problems to happen with eyesight. Often, safety goggles are overlooked as a necessity for DIYing, because, lets face it, they don’t look very glamorous, and are often an item a DIYer will think of as they’re about to start a project rather than something they might specifically pick up from the hardware store (i.e., shrugged off as unnecessary). So if your DIYer doen’t have safety goggles, get them some!

If All Else Fails

A gift card for a hardware store near them will always be appreciated. There will always be times they’ll need to pop down the road and pick up small items necessary to complete a project – spray paint, nails, screws, a bag of cement, etc. Sometimes, a gift card, while it seems a bit of a cop out, thoughtless gift, is actually very thoughtful – you’re helping them get the ingredients they need to finish their projects, when it’s likely neither of you really know right now exactly what is needed!

Are there any Christmas Gift Ideas you would like as a DIYer that aren’t on this list?

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