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The Difference Curtains Make

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It has been a little while since we posted. We have a couple of large-ish projects happening, so we’ve been focussing on getting those done. But in between the hours and hours spent mixing concrete in a wheelbarrow with a shovel (more about that soon!) we received some curtains in the mail.

Yep, over 6 months into our residence, and we’re finally beginning to install curtains.

I was going to add a meme here about how sure I am our neighbours have seen me naked. Pretty sure.

Pretty sure those same neighbours have seen my car drive down the road and said amongst themselves, ‘ergh, saw her naked last night’, and, ‘hmm, look at that big red ute. Looks like naked lady’.

So whatevs. We have become intimate with our neighbours without knowing their names. That takes some special social skills.

Anyways. We got some blockout curtains from ebay . Because we have one long window (1800mm wide) and two short, tall windows (600mm wide each) the best we could do was purchase 5 equal width curatins. One metre width each. This gives the same amount of ‘ruffle’ for each curtain.

Originally, Mr Hammer was going to make the curtain rod holders. But y’know, for all of our readers who like to sleep in their birthday suits (you’ll understand), I was tired of ducking and diving into bed after a pre-sleep shower. And I had way-hey-hey too many more important projects to sink our teeth into, so we just bought some from Bunnings. Really, the way we have the curtains, we could have gone for the cheapy $5 sets of rod holders. The ‘ruffle’ hides them anyway. But no, we went for the larger ‘$13 for 2’ sets.

I am not unhappy with the choice, even if we did have to purchase extra for ‘middle of the rod’ support on the longer window. The grooves for the dowel (dowel purchased seperately) were certainly ample enough for the weight of the curtains, as well as the sheer curtain we have since received but not yet installed.

You can get these rod holders in a couple of colours to suit your decor, bit we chose the raw sample.

Curtain Rod Holders Montage | The Difference Curtains Make | Totally Hammered Home

Many years ago, we purchased second-hand cots, all banged up, and later bunk beds, also second-hand and beat-up, stripped them back and stained them with our own concoction – 1 part walnut to 4 parts cedar. We also built and stained our bookshelves with this, our special stain cocktail. Now you know.

Walnut Cedar Stain Mix | The Difference Curtains Make | Totally Hammered Home

There were lots of little plugs that were meant to fit over screw holes. Like, the size of peas. Ain’t no way I was gonna paint them individually, so I just plopped them all in the container I used to mix our Secret Brew Stain, and swirled them around a bit.

Curtain Rod Holder Plugs | The Difference Curtains Make | Totally Hammered Home

Voila. Done-skis.

We have all heard the claims that we are meant to install curtain rods as close to the ceiling as possible. To get the illusion of height, this is very true.

However, when laying out the specifics to our builder, we said, ‘a standard 2400mm ceiling’, without knowing this actual builder had a ‘higher standard’. So we got what we asked for – 2400mm ceilings.

Our tip: if you’re building, ASK what their standard ceiling height is.

Given that, and the affordability of black blockout curtains, we chose 2300 length. They were each 1M wide.

Just a little photo of the process of installing.

The Process of Installing Curtain Rod Holders | The Difference Curtains Make | Totally Hammered Home

The smaller dowel we are screwing to the underside is just for the sheer curtains. Sheer curtains are feather-light, so these pieces of dowel don’t need to be terribly sturdy.

And a reminder to wear gloves if you don’t want splotchy hands!

Stained Hands | The Difference Curtains Make | Totally Hammered Home

So here we go – a before and after-before, when the neighbours got a great peep show, and after, when they all started to have to call on their memories to see what we look like pre-bedtime.

The Process of Installing Curtain Rod Holders | The Difference Curtains Make | Totally Hammered Home
Before and After Bedhead Side | The Difference Curtains Make | Totally Hammered Home

We have the curtains tied with simple thick purple ribbon. It is not our ‘forever’ solution, but certainly does in the meantime, while we figure out how else we can stylishly pull back the curtains.

It’s amazing what some simple curtains can do to a room.

You can see how we customised our own bedside lamps and saved a small fortune here and here.

You can find out how to easily paint your own canvasses like those above our bed here.

Totally Hammered Home
Totally Hammered Home

The Difference Curtains Make | Totally Hammered Home

Just hangin’ about, getting painty and DIY-ey. Chilling with the kidlets and my amazing husband, playing with hair as a career. Couldn’t really get much better.

I love to make, do and create, and share what I’ve learned along the way. Also love hearing other people’s experiences, so share away!

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