The Difference Curtains Make

It has been a little while since we posted. We have a couple of large-ish projects happening, so we've been ...
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How To Create A Custom Built-In Wardrobe | Totally Hammered Home

How To Create a Custom Built In Robe (part one)

As you know, there were a few things we left out in our new home build. Yes, leaving these things ...
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Organising Storage in the Babies' Bedoom | Totally Hammered Home

Co-Ordinating Storage in the Babies’ Bedroom

Another step further down the path that is organising and theming the babies' bedroom, we took a trip to Bunnings ...
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Hanging Pictures in the Babies' Bedroom | Totally Hammered Home

Hanging Pictures in the Babies’ Bedroom

We've been catching up on some quick and simple DIY projects this week, while the bigger ones are still in ...
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Installing Robe Hooks | Totally Hammered Home

Installing Robe Hooks for Our Dressing Gowns

This was just a super quick 3 minute job to get our robes or dressing gowns off the floor (as ...
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How To Hang Your Wall Art Evenly | Totally Hammered Home

How To Hang Wall Art

One more step closer to the Master Bed Reveal, here we describe how we hung our wall art (click here ...
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How To Customise Bedside Lamps | Part Two | Totally Hammered Home

How We Saved $150 On Our Lampshades – Part Two

Recently, we wrote about how we saved a bundle of cash on some bedside lampshades. We dyed the fabric lampshades ...
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5 Steps to Creating Themed Bedroom Wall Art

As a lead-up to our Master Bedroom Reveal, we thought we'd share how we created our wall art, and how ...
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Ten Clever Wardrobe Organisation Ideas

When we designed the house, we were on a bit of a 'cheap' train. We had the builder remove the ...
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How To Customise Bedside Lamps | Part One | Totally Hammered Home

How We Saved $150 On Our Bedside Lampshades

For more than a year, now, I have been trying to find a solution for our bedside lamp situation. We ...
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