How To Update Old Planters | Totally Hammered Home

How To Easily Update Outdated Ceramic Pot Planters

We have had these old ceramic planters for many years. They once had some type of large aloe-vera-esque plants in ...
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10 Home Improvement Projects For Under $100 | Totally Hammered Home

10 Easy Home Improvement Projects for Under $100

You really don't have to be cashed up to begin home improvement projects. Not all projects need to be big ...
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How To Make a Cool Kokedama Curtain | Totally Hammered Home

Easy DIY – How to Make a Cool Kokedama ‘Curtain’ (Part One)

What is a Kokedama? A kokedama is basically a plant suspended in a string-wrapped ball of soil. The term 'kokedama' ...
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Preparing The Front Yard | Totally Hammered Home

Preparing the Front Yard (Day One)

So, we have discovered the vacant land next to us has been sold. Originally, that was the lot we were ...
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Planting Some Trees Jacarandas and Lilly Pillies | Totally Hammered Home

Planting Some Trees – Lilly Pillies and Jacarandas

Planting trees on an empty block is a long-term investment achievement. We started ours with lilly pillies and jacarandas. We ...
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Solving the Red Clay Soup Problem Raising the Ground | Totally Hammered Home

Solving the Red Clay Soup Problem (under the house)

Shortly after we moved in, we discovered the land under the house had a unique ability - after a rainfall, ...
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Sowing Lawn Growing Grass ona Budget | Totally Hammered Home

Sowing a Lawn – Growing Grass

In our last grassy post about sowing lawn, we mentioned there was a big system of rain coming, so we ...
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How To Move Agave Plants | Totally Hammered Home

Transplanting Agave Plants From One House to Another

Seven years ago, when we moved into our last rental, there were two small agave plants on either side of ...
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Growing Grass on a Budget Rain Water v Town Water | Totally Hammered Home

Growing Grass – Rain Water vs. Town Water

When it comes to growing grass, one would think any water will help the seed germinate.  Right?  Throw the seed ...
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Ten Interesting Mailboxes You Don’t See Every Day

In the excitement of erecting our own letterbox, we decided to put together a list of unique mail-delivery-vessels. Letterboxes that ...
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