Before clearing.
Before clearing, looking from the front corner of the block towards the back.
Cleared house pad.
Cleared house pad, looking towards the road.

This is our first home.  In our 30s, and with three kids, we were finally in a position to kick the frustrating dead-money renting cycle.

In August 2015, we first made contact with a builder who was offering a ‘First Home Buyer’s Zero Deposit Home Loan’.  These kinds of deals have pretty much been non-existent since the GFC (unless you were fine with the possibility of having your kneecaps shot).  By November, the land had been purchased (a 1.5acre block at the end of a semi-rural cul-de-sac, a street of private, tucked-away homes bordering on a Conservation Park). In December 2015, the posts for our highset home had been dug in.


We’re starting small.  Even with 3 kids, we opted for a smallish 3bed, 1bath house with a little study.  We have had it built 2.6m off the ground.  Our goal is to build in underneath.  Sharing the one toilet between all five of us will be motivation enough to get the extensions underway as soon as possible!


We were given a house size (14.5m x 7m rectangle) in which we could design room placement.  Many nights were spent perfecting the plan.  What we should have done was spent more time at the block after it had been cleared of trees, before we settled on the house plan.  As soon as the frame started going up, we realised the height of the house and the position of the land meant we get an amazing breeze coming from the east.  Even in the heat of summer, this delicious breeze blows.  So while we’re not making the absolute best use of this breeze as the house currently stands, we now know so we can design downstairs to capture every breath in the best areas.


We plan to have a large ornamental front yard, the house, a workshop/shed, a vegetable garden, fruit trees, chicken coop, and plenty of space for the kids and the dog to get some sunshine in the backyard.


Stick around and watch as we build into something grand!

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