We have begun documenting our journey from frustrated renters to delighted homeowners, detailing every hammered nail and paint splatter along the way.

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DSC_0229  Our First Home

Info on the Water Tanks, The Time The House Sank, The Colours and much more!

DSC_0331  The Kitchen

From an empty, odd shaped room, to a little haven of cookery.  See what we did, and what we would have done differently (and how we fixed it!)

2016-03-28 19.50.03  The Bathroom

Loving the tiles in this bathroom!  All the goss, from why we chose these tiles, to how we fixed the vanity headache!

2016-03-29 00.44.19  The Floorplan

Nothing quite like a house map.  Also includes the floorplans for downstairs that we scrapped, and will include future floorplans for downstairs!

2016-03-31 21.52.05  Decorating

Making the house pretty one 3M hook at a time.